Point of Sale Printing – Display Boards

Our Display Boards are available in any size from A5 (210mm x 148mm) up to our "Jumbo Poster" size of 1100mm x 1600mm.

The full colour printed sheets of 200gsm gloss art board are mounted onto 2mm thick greyboard or for sizes of A0 (840mm x 1188mm) and larger we mount onto 2.9mm thick greyboard.

The same printed sheet is mounted onto both sides of the backing board. If you prefer, unprinted white 200gsm gloss art board can be mounted on the reverse; this is ideal when a strut is going to be affixed to the back of the Display Board.

We can drill your Display Boards so that they can be hung from the ceiling. This costs approximately 20p per board, per hole.

Also, we can die-cut your Display Board to shape. There is a charge (starting at £34) for making the cutting forme (unless you use a forme which we have already made), then there is a set-up cost of about £36 and a running cost which varies depending on the size of the board, starting at 36p per board for A3 or smaller.

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