Large Format Inkjet Printing

On this page you will find useful information about our Large Format Inkjet Printing. When you are ready to work out a price, please use the price calculator on the Large Format Inkjet Prices page.

Our large format inkjet printers are able to produce beautifully sharp images at 720dpi at widths of up to 2380mm. For larger quantities of posters, please choose Posters & Large Leaflets.

Sunlight Resistance

We offer a choice of two different kinds of ink, Dye Based (no sunlight resistance) and Solvent Based (excellent sunlight resistance).

Dye Based Inks produce very vibrant colours and are cheaper than Solvent Based Inks. You will notice that if you select this ink the two largest sizes become greyed out and are not available.

Solvent Based Inks do not fade in sunlight and are completely waterproof. Our full range of sizes is available when this ink is selected.

A very large choice of Poster & Banner sizes

Our standard sizes are:

  • A2 (420mm x 594mm)
  • A1 (594mm x 840mm)
  • A0 (840mm x 1,188mm)
  • 40 inches x 30 inches (1,016mm x 762mm)
  • 60 inches x 40 inches (1,524mm x 1,016mm)
  • Per metre x 840mm (840mm x whatever width you require)
  • Per metre x 1,524mm (1,524mm x whatever width you require)
  • Per metre x 2,180mm (2,180mm x whatever width you require)
  • Two metres x 840mm (to fit a telescopic banner stand)

Custom sizes:

We can produce any other size you may require. Just choose the nearest larger size and we will trim the finished job free of charge.

Material (NB not all materials are available in every size of Poster & Banner or with both types of ink)

  • 180gsm Photorealistic matt with gloss lamination both sides
  • 180gsm Photorealistic matt with matt lamination both sides
  • 195gsm Photorealistic gloss
  • 140gsm wet strength paper. This is "blue back" poster paper
  • 200gsm silk
  • Back lit film
  • Banner vinyl

Poster & Banner Finishing Options

Under this heading you will find options to specify Encapsulation, Mounting, Eyeleting & Roping, as well as an opportunity to order A Boards, Poster Snaps and Telescopic Banner Stands.

  • Encapsulation – this is similar to lamination, but the clear plastic film applied to both sides extends beyond the edge of the poster and is sealed to completely protect and waterproof the poster. (Lamination, which uses 43 micron film, is trimmed flush with the edge of the poster). We offer a choice of three thicknesses of film 43 micron, 125 micron and 250 micron.
  • Mounting – posters can be mounted onto 10mm Centafoam, which is a lightweight, rigid material, to form display panels ideally suited for use on exhibition stands.
  • Eyeleting & Roping – vinyl banners are most easily displayed if you tie them up, perhaps onto a fence or railings. We strengthen the banner by folding over and gluing the edges, which doubles their thickness, then we punch holes, fit reinforcing eyelets to protect the holes from tearing and tie ropes through the eyeleted holes.
  • A Boards – these are designed for outside use and are available in A2, A1 and A0 sizes.
  • Poster Snaps – these enable posters to be suspended from the ceiling and are available in A2, A1 and A0 sizes.
  • Telescopic Banner Stands – these hold a 2 metre x 840mm poster, which rolls up for use and then rolls back into the stand for storage.
A Boards
Poster Snaps
Telescopic Banner Stands

Production times for printing Posters & Banners

The following choices of turnaround times are available.

Express turnaround – your Poster or Banner printing order will be despatched in four working days.

Express Plus turnaround – your Poster or Banner printing order will be despatched in two working days.

Economy turnaround – your Poster or Banner printing order will be despatched in eight working days.

Super Economy turnaround – your Poster or Banner printing order will be despatched in eight working days.

The despatch time is shown in the Product Description.

For a day to be treated as the first working day, we require your printing order and payment along with print quality artwork before 10am. Alternatively, for an additional charge, you can delay the printing order, payment and print quality artwork cut-off time to 3.30pm.

Artwork and PDF requirements

  • We operate a PDF workflow, so please supply your artwork as a Press Quality PDF. If you prefer, we can create a PDF for you, in which case we will email a proof to you for approval. There is an additional charge for this PDF creation service of £20 plus VAT.
  • If any print reaches the edge of your finished job, please add 3mm bleed to all sides of your artwork
  • We need a "quiet area" to ensure nothing important is too near to the edge of the finished item; so please leave a 5mm inner margin for anything other than backgrounds
  • Supply files to us in CMYK, not RGB please
  • Image resolution should be 300dpi or more
  • Please embed fonts or convert all of your text to shapes
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