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On this page you will find useful information about our Presentation Folder Printing. Our folders are designed to hold either A5 or A4 inserts and can have either interlocking flaps or glued pockets. When you are ready to work out your price, please use the price calculator on the Presentation Folder Prices page.

Digital Embossing available on this product

We offer a choice of three different triple coated art boards for our Presentation Folders: 400gsm matt art, 280gsm silk and 280gsm gloss. As an option, they can be either gloss or matt laminated one side or both sides.

The minimum recommended order is 250 as these Folders are litho printed, but you can enter your desired quantity in the box below the price table. For smaller quantities of our most popular Folder shapes, please see our Digital Folders page.

Popular Presentation Folder Shapes and Sizes

We have a range of different standing cutters for cutting and creasing our Presentation Folders. Each one has an F code to identify the shape e.g. F2.

When you look at the Presentation Folder templates, you will notice that many of the shapes are available with six variants: one with no capacity, one with 2mm capacity and one with 4mm capacity to hold A5 leaves and one with no capacity, one with 2mm capacity and one with 4mm capacity to hold A4 leaves.

Of the popular Presentation Folder types, most have a "two panel" format, so the pocket is on the right or both the right and left inside pages. We also offer one Presentation Folder design which has a "three panel" format, so the insert leaves sit in the middle of the folder – as with all our Presentation Folders, this is available to hold either A5 or A4 insert leaves.

Folder Capacity – this is referred to as a spine when ordering

If your Presentation Folder will only be used to hold the equivalent of ten sheets of 80gsm copier, it will not need a gusset (spine) to give it "capacity" (a gusset is created by a pair of creases a few millimetres apart). If your Presentation Folder needs to hold the equivalent of between ten and twenty sheets of 80gsm copier paper we recommend a 2mm gusset (spine). For contents equivalent to between twenty and forty sheets of 80gsm copier, please select a 4mm gusset (spine).

Two Panel Presentation Folders

F1 Ungusseted
F2 Ungusseted
F3 Gusseted
F4 Gusseted
F7 Ungusseted
F8 Gusseted
F10 Ungusseted
F11 Gusseted

Three Panel Presentation Folders

F5 Ungusseted
F6 Gusseted

Extended Range

We have a number of non-standard folder shapes available, if you can find one that matches your requirements, you will be able to use the standing cutter at no extra cost.

Extended Folder Range

F20 Ungusseted
F21 Ungusseted
F22 Gusseted
F23 Ungusseted
F24 Ungusseted
F25 Gusseted
F26 Gusseted
F27 Gusseted
F28 Gusseted
F29 Gusseted
F30 Ungusseted
F31 Gusseted
F32 Ungusseted
F33 Gusseted
F34 Gusseted
F35 Gusseted
F36 Gusseted
F37 Gusseted
F38 Gusseted
F39 Ungusseted
F40 Gusseted

Use your own Bespoke Folder Design

Select this option if you would like your Folder cut and creased to a shape which is not in our Popular or Extended ranges. The first time you order a new shape you will need to pay for a new cutting forme; if you agree to share the cutter with other customers, the cost of the cutter will be halved.

  1. Enter the dimensions of an imaginary rectangle into which your flat folder shape will fit.
  2. If you have ordered this shape before, please enter the previous job number. If you do not know the number, just type Not Known in the box.
  3. If you have not ordered this shape before, you will save 50% of the cutter cost if you answer "No" to the question "Folder forme design exclusive to you?"


Choose from 280gsm gloss art, 280gsm silk art or 450gsm matt art board.


No lamination, gloss lamination and matt lamination on one or both sides are available. We strongly recommend that you laminate the outside of your folders to prevent cracking, especially if the printed image continues over creases in the folder. Gloss lamination is cheaper than matt lamination and , obviously, no lamination is cheaper than gloss lamination.

Litho and Digital Printing

If you only require a small quantity of Presentation Folders, Digital Printing is cheaper than Litho Printing – as the quantity increases, Litho Printing becomes much cheaper than Digital Printing. Digital Printing also allows you to have different artwork on every copy.


Our Presentation Folders are supplied flat with interlocking flaps or with double-sided tape applied, so you can assemble them as you use them. If you would prefer that we assemble them for you, please select this option which is below the price table.

Business card slots in your Presentation Folder

All our Presentation Folders for A4 inserts can be ordered with business card slots. You will see this option below the price table.

Digital Embossing

If you would like your Presentation Folders to look even more stunning, why not have them digitally embossed? Digital Embossing is available in low lift or high lift and can be applied to one or both sides of your Folders. When you select Digital Embossing, the figures in the price table will automatically update to include the additional cost. For further information, please see our Digital Embossing information page.

Production times for printing Presentation Folders

The following choices of turnaround times are available for printing Presentation Folders.

Express turnaround – your Presentation Folder printing order will be despatched in five working days.

Express Plus turnaround – your Presentation Folder printing order will be despatched in three working days.

Economy turnaround – your Presentation Folder printing order will be despatched in ten working days.

If you would like us to assemble or digitally emboss your Presentation Folders, the number of working days will increase. The despatch time will be shown in the Product Description.

For a day to be treated as the first working day, we require your printing order and payment along with print quality artwork before 10am. Alternatively, for an additional charge, you can delay the printing order, payment and print quality artwork cut-off time to 3.30pm.

Artwork and PDF requirements for Presentation Folders

  • We operate a PDF workflow, so please supply your artwork as a Press Quality PDF. If you prefer, we can create a PDF for you, in which case we will email a proof to you for approval. There is an additional charge for this PDF creation service of £20 plus VAT.
  • If any print reaches the edge of your finished job, please add 3mm bleed to all sides of your artwork
  • We need a "quiet area" to ensure nothing important is too near to the edge of the finished item; so please leave a 5mm inner margin for anything other than backgrounds
  • Supply files to us in CMYK, not RGB please
  • Image resolution should be 300dpi or more
  • Please embed fonts or convert all of your text to shapes

If you would like to download a PDF template you can do so from the Templates page which is also accessible via the top menu bar.

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